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Entrepreneurship icon /Tokoh usahawan


1. Students will be divided into groups of 4 person
2. Each group is ordered to find and choose one successful entrepreneur icon /tokoh usahawan berjaya
3. Each group will need to conduct an interview with selected entrepreneur in order to gather information for report preparation
4. Written report should include all the subtopics as listed below;

a. Entrepreneur Icon background
b. Business background
c. Threats and constrains faced by the icon a long the business running
d. Successful achievement in business
e. Business future plan

5. Report should be written in a proper format as attached
6. The Complete Report should be submitted by; 19 FEBRUARY 2010


7. Each group will be presenting their entrepreneur icon during the class presentation on the submitted date.
8. Presentation should be prepared using Powerpoint Slide and will be conducted either in English or Malay
9. Each group members need to be a presenter and individual assessment will be done

Report Format

1. Report should be computerized written using Arial Font with 10 size for body and 12 for Title or Subtitle.
2. Report should be included all the listed subtopics given in the Assignment 1.
3. Each group is needed to prepare Front Cover using format as given below; and followed by Yellow cover (JP) as a second cover inside.



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